Madman 3D

Photo (c) 2016 Francis Scott Horner.
I first discovered Mike Allred's Madman in 1993 and it was the first comic book that showed me the form could be exciting--and not necessarily superhero or corporate.

Madman changed my life.

A handful of years later, when I started as a comics journalist, Mike Allred was one of the first cartoonists I ever interviewed. We've kept in touch on and off ever since, and I consider him and his wife Laura two of the best people I've ever had the fortune to meet in this crazy ol' world of comics.

As much as I'm loving Mike and Laura's work on Silver Surfer, a big part of me still misses his existentialist pop culture hero. When Mike revealed (in an interview for my upcoming Conversations volume on him from University of Mississippi Press) that he would love to see more
Madman swag if someone wanted to do the work on it, my ears perked up.

That's how the Amazing Heroes Madman figure came to be. But that wasn't enough; the Madman fan in me had a chat with the designer and writer and marketing guy (and, no, I'm really not schizophrenic) all had a chat and came up with a trading card idea. When I saw Christian LeBlanc's amazing conversions in the Madman In Your Face 3D Special Starring Frank Einstein, they instantly became 3D trading cards.

Then, I got a handful of my old comics pals involved in special Artist Edition cards: Dean Haspiel, Simon Fraser, George Folz, Bizhan Khodabendeh, Terry Huddleston, and Ethan Young. The art that popped up in my email picked me up on even my lowest day.
The final set, thanks to the contributions of our backers, was expanded to include subsets that include The Atomics comic and Mike's Grafik Muzik work. There are also a gaggle of bonus cards thrown in for fun!

There's a limited number of sets available for sale. You can pick up the full Madman Comin' Atcha 3D trading card set for $25 (postage included), or an even more limited amount of Artist Edition packs for $10 (postage also included). We may reprint the main set down the road, but it will not feature all the bonus cards and subsets: this is your only chance to snag them!

Madman (c) and TM 2016 Michael Allred. Used with permission.